A human-first, purpose-driven strategy
consulting and investment company

Who we are


/raʊnd/ Shaped like a circle.

The circle is the symbol of Round. The symbol of us.

It signifies our rounded approach to consulting; the notion that true problem-solving involves both a business perspective and a human perspective; that top-down and inside-out thinking is mandated only by bottom-up and outside-in understanding.

It stands for wholeness; the preference for co-creation and inclusion over predisposition and exclusion; the choice of a customized approach over standardized frameworks.

It is how we embrace people with different backgrounds and beliefs and make them part of us for a sustainable life, no matter their life stage.

It is our recognition that everything is circular; what goes around, comes around, eventually; by investing in sustainable impact, we choose to think “hopefully”.

The circle is perpetual movement, like the planets' journey around the sun and the great rhythm of the universe. It is a movement with no end and no beginning; something that will never grind to a halt, never cease to evolve.

Just like us.

This is why we are Round.

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+45 23 33 37 38

I have four years of consulting experience from Bain, QVARTZ and Novo Nordisk Consulting, developing corporate strategy and operating models in industries such as renewable energy, healthcare, industry, and consumer goods. I find my energy in the close collaboration with clients, co-solving their mo...

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Partner & co-founder

+45 53 53 43 95

I spent the last decade in strategy consulting as a partner with ReD Associates in New York and with BCG and QVARTZ. I have also worked at the Danish Ministry of Finance, in research and as a journalist. I co-founded a few companies and an NGO, none of which ever really took off in a big way but all...

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Anne Sofie


+45 21 74 45 98

I have +3 years of consulting experience from Vertical Strategy (now Bain & Company), where I have been working in close collaboration with clients on strategy development and business model innovation across many different industries. In addition, I have worked at Ørsted with strategy execution wit...

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Junior Consultant

+45 42 95 01 78

I am doing my last year of my BA in Economics at The University of Copenhagen. Before I joined Round, I worked with start- ups in Copenhagen, primarily within the fields of financial accounting and service management....

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+34 671 664 569

I am doing my last year of the MSc in Social Data Science at the University of Copenhagen. I have previously been involved with international trade and investment projects in Canada and worked in product management for a leading company in its field. I am passionate about the power of data with stra...

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+45 53 88 04 04

I have +7 years of experience as a strategy consultant at Qvartz and as a partner at Vertical Strategy (both now Bain & Co). For the past +5 years I have focused on the human side of business through development of organizational strategies and leadership training & coaching within the areas of Dive...

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+33 781258432

Currently completing my MSc. in Business and Development Studies at Copenhagen Business School, I am truly passionate about understanding and resolving modern challenges with a human approach. Studying development allows me to explore new perspectives and I believe that diversity brings people toget...

Profile image of Flemming


Partner & co-founder

+45 25 47 29 28

I have +13 years of consulting experience from QVARTZ, Bain & Company and BCG. In addition, I have 10 years of experience working with the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economics and Business Affairs. My main passion and expertise is purpose-driven strategy development, sustainabili...

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+45 29 69 69 35

I have five years of consulting experience from QVARTZ and Bain & Company with primary industry focus on consumer products, tech/SaaS, manufacturing, and social impact, working in close collaboration with clients on critical topics, incl. corporate and business unit strategy, operating model, value ...

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+45 51 70 84 29

Before joining Round I was a Project Management Assistant at a Nordic Consulting Group, which is a consulting firm focusing on international development. I hold teaching experience from the University of Copenhagen within the field of international relations, and formerly worked for the Danish Accre...

Profile image of Morten


Partner & co-founder

+45 29 68 69 49

I have +8 years of consulting experience from QVARTZ and Bain & Company. As part of my time in QVARTZ, I did 6 months of exchange at Port Jackson Partners, a Sydney based tier 1 consulting company. In addition, I have 2 years of M&A experience from Clearwater International.I am grounded in corporate...

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Partner & co-founder

+45 29 68 69 40

I have +8 years of consulting experience from QVARTZ and Bain & Company. Before consulting, I also worked in the public sector. I’m grounded in corporate / sector strategy and strategy execution, M&A / commercial due diligence (sell- and buy-side) and operating model transformation with additional e...

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+45 22 27 71 48

I have +3 years’ experience from the NGO sector, defining and driving the strategic agendas of several initiatives ranging from volunteer-driven projects to social investment programs. Additionally, I have research and teaching experience from University of Copenhagen, where I have focused on digita...

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Senior Consultant

+45 93 97 73 13

I have 2 years of consulting experience from Bain, where I have mostly focused on due diligence projects for private equity clients and corporate strategy / commercial excellence within industrial goods and tech. Previous to this I have ~1.5 years of experience with company investments from doing PE...

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Junior consultant

+45 50 69 73 38

Freshly starting my MSc. at Copenhagen Business School, I am passionate about understanding the complex issues underlying contemporary societies. That drive led me to dive deeper into the fields of strategy, organization, and leadership in my studies. Before choosing Scandinavia, I grew up with a Fr...

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Senior Consultant

+45 31 18 41 48

I have close to 2 years of experience from Investment Banking at ABG Sundal Collier, helping clients across different industries drive forward their strategic agenda through M&A transactions and IPOs. Prior to this, I spent 1+ year managing illiquid investments across equity, debt, and infrastructur...

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+45 22 24 50 73

Before I joined Round, I worked as a Research and Insight Associate at Dentsu, where I helped turning consumer insights and trends into marketing and strategy. In addition, I have +3 years of experience with volunteer management in enacted sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship, and event plan...

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Partner & Head of People Support

+45 51 29 33 79

I spent the last almost 16 years in consulting as team leader in QVARTZ and Bain & Company supporting my colleagues on a daily basis. In addition, I have 10+ years of experience working in the travel industry as a travel consultant....

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Partner & co-founder

+45 24 29 39 39

I have had the pleasure of spending +8 years in consulting, primarily with QVARTZ and subsequently with Bain & Company. Prior to consulting, I did an 11-year stint in advertising with leading advertising agencies like Wibroe, Duckert & Partners/PeopleGroup, Grey, and DDB. I am truly passionate about...

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+45 42 46 48 00

I have +5 years of experience from consulting in the public and private sector, most recently ReD Associates, where I provided strategic guidance to clients on a range of initiatives related to innovation, growth, technology, and data-driven decision making. My passion for leveraging data and techno...

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Management Consulting Intern

+46 708 103 139

I am on the last year of my BSc in Business and Economics at Lund University. Before joining Round, my professional experience has been concentrated in Business Development, including one internship at a Swedish Fashion Retailer, part-time work at an interdisciplinary consulting firm, and one intern...

We are looking for rounded and remarkable people to join our team, build the company, and create a unique culture

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a future career at Round.

What we do

We create sustainable strategies and initiatives to solve problems that shape business and society for the better

StrategyPurposeSustainabilityCulturePeople managementGo-to-marketValue propositionBrandM&AStrategy executionChange facilitationoperating modelStrategyPurposeSustainabilityCulturePeople managementGo-to-marketValue propositionBrandM&AStrategy executionChange facilitationoperating model

What we are building

A human-first, purpose-driven strategy consulting and investment company

Traditional teams
Flexible teams
Standard​ frameworks
Customized​ approach
Siloed problem‑solving
Holistic problem‑solving
Fast delivery
Sustainable anchoring
Leading by title
Leading by initiative
Up or out
Stay and play
CSR compliance
Sustainability leadership
Owner shares for a few
Owner shares for all

How we do it

Problem-solving from both a business and human perspective – initiated by scoping excellence and delivered through a flexible, high-touch engagement model

BusinessperspectiveHumanperspectiveSustainablebusiness strategy

Who we do it for

We partner with progressive clients or clients with progressive projects

Progressive projectsProgressive clients

How we contribute to a more sustainable world

Over time, we will dedicate up to 20% of our annual revenue to social impact investments and low bono work for social impact start-ups or not-for-profit organizations


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1263 Copenhagen K
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