A human-first, purpose-driven strategy
consulting and investment company

Who we are


/raʊnd/ Shaped like a circle.

The circle is the symbol of Round. The symbol of us.

It signifies our rounded approach to consulting; the notion that true problem-solving involves both a business perspective and a human perspective; that top-down and inside-out thinking is mandated only by bottom-up and outside-in understanding.

It stands for wholeness; the preference for co-creation and inclusion over predisposition and exclusion; the choice of a customized approach over standardized frameworks.

It is how we embrace people with different backgrounds and beliefs and make them part of us for a sustainable life, no matter their life stage.

It is our recognition that everything is circular; what goes around, comes around, eventually; by investing in sustainable impact, we choose to think “hopefully”.

The circle is perpetual movement, like the planets' journey around the sun and the great rhythm of the universe. It is a movement with no end and no beginning; something that will never grind to a halt, never cease to evolve.

Just like us.

This is why we are Round.

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+45 40 23 26 00

I have 2 years of consulting experience from the agency world, where I've had the privilege of working closely with a diverse set of clients. My work has ranged from crafting go-to-market strategies and value propositions to diving deep into market and customer insights. The industries I've touched ...

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Partner & co-founder

+45 53 53 43 95

I spent the last decade in strategy consulting as a partner with ReD Associates in New York and with BCG and QVARTZ. I have also worked at the Danish Ministry of Finance, in research and as a journalist. I co-founded a few companies and an NGO, none of which ever really took off in a big way but all...

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Anne Sofie


+45 21 74 45 98

I have +3 years of consulting experience from Vertical Strategy (now Bain & Company), where I have been working in close collaboration with clients on strategy development and business model innovation across many different industries. In addition, I have worked at Ørsted with strategy execution wit...

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+45 42 95 01 78

I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Economics at The University of Copenhagen. Before I joined Round, I worked with start-ups in Copenhagen, primarily within the fields of financial accounting and service management....

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+45 20 89 28 04

I have +3 years of consulting experience from TrackMan, a leading sport and tech company. As an internal consultant, I closely collaborated with top management, gaining exposure to a diverse range of strategic projects. These included developing corporate and business unit strategies, go-to-market s...

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Research Consultant

+45 61 40 44 36

I have spent the last decade, academically and professionally, sharpening my foremost expertise; To understand how people around the world live and think about their lives. From CEOs to smallholder farmers, jihadists to feminist activists, and everything in between, I have had the pleasure of trying...

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+45 53 55 99 59

I have over two years of consulting experience at Round, and I have previously been working with international trade and investment projects within a public government agency as well as social innovation. I am passionate about using the power of data and new methods in business to uncover new perspe...

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+45 93 40 60 31

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working across various sectors and countries – providing strategic advice to Fortune 500 companies and NGOs as well as revamping sustainability strategies for leading retail chains and BioTech companies. I completed my MSc in Political Science from the...

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+45 71 92 30 73

Born and raised in France, I studied in Canada where I graduated from a Bachelor in Business Administration at HEC Montreal. During my Bachelor I specialized in Applied Economics, and I completed my business degree with focus on Political Sciences at McGill University. I had the opportunity to use m...

Profile image of Flemming


Partner & co-founder

+45 25 47 29 28

I have +13 years of consulting experience from QVARTZ, Bain & Company and BCG. In addition, I have 10 years of experience working with the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economics and Business Affairs. My main passion and expertise is purpose-driven strategy development, sustainabili...

Profile image of Frederik



+45 29 69 69 35

I have five years of consulting experience from QVARTZ and Bain & Company with primary industry focus on consumer products, tech/SaaS, manufacturing, and social impact, working in close collaboration with clients on critical topics, incl. corporate and business unit strategy, operating model, value ...

Profile image of Joakim


Senior Consultant

+45 60 18 05 94

With several years of experience in strategic roles, including positions as Manager and Senior Consultant at Valcon, as well as experience as a Graduate and Strategic Business Developer at PFA, I have developed a deep understanding of strategy, commercial excellence, and operational models....

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Junior Consultant

+45 23 99 19 34

My career journey includes experience at Bain & Company as an Intern and Junior Associate Consultant, as well as internal business development at Playable, a Gamification SaaS startup....

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+45 93 40 96 76

With a background in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Copenhagen, and an MSc in Advanced Economics and Finance from CBS, I've developed a solid foundation in quantitative methods and data analysis. My professional journey has taken me through various roles in both the financial secto...

Profile image of Malthe


Junior Consultant

+45 28 68 14 05

I enjoy working with complex issues that mandate not only a business perspective but also an insight on societal impact. Problem-solving is where I find my drive, especially when I am able to provide creative solutions that originate from thinking outside the box....

Profile image of Jacobina


Marketing Manager

+45 93 10 99 91

I have +3 years of experience in marketing departments at Canon EMEA and QVARTZ, where I worked with various forms of copy, digital design and branding. I love utilizing my creative mindset and transforming ideas into engaging and inspiring content. I have a BA in English and an MA in English and Co...

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Head of People Growth

+45 30 14 24 13

My career has been focused on the consulting industry for the last +6 years with Qvartz and Bain & Company, which has provided me with valuable insights into shaping staffing strategies and fostering professional development. These experiences have allowed me to refine my skills even further in peop...

Profile image of Martin


Partner & co-founder

+45 29 68 69 40

I have +8 years of consulting experience from QVARTZ and Bain & Company. Before consulting, I also worked in the public sector. I’m grounded in corporate / sector strategy and strategy execution, M&A / commercial due diligence (sell- and buy-side) and operating model transformation with additional e...

Profile image of Morten


Partner & co-founder

+45 29 68 69 49

I have +8 years of consulting experience from QVARTZ and Bain & Company. As part of my time in QVARTZ, I did 6 months of exchange at Port Jackson Partners, a Sydney based tier 1 consulting company. In addition, I have 2 years of M&A experience from Clearwater International.I am grounded in corporate...

Profile image of Oliver


Senior Consultant

+45 31 18 41 48

I have close to 2 years of experience from Investment Banking at ABG Sundal Collier, helping clients across different industries drive forward their strategic agenda through M&A transactions and IPOs. Prior to this, I spent 1+ year managing illiquid investments across equity, debt, and infrastructur...

Profile image of Pia


Partner & Head of People Support

+45 51 29 33 79

I spent the last almost 16 years in consulting as team leader in QVARTZ and Bain & Company supporting my colleagues on a daily basis. In addition, I have 10+ years of experience working in the travel industry as a travel consultant....

Profile image of Rasmus G.

Rasmus G.

Junior Consultant

+45 25 54 02 52

I previously worked at Lundbeckfonden, where I focused primarily on projects centered around sustainability and strategy. I am also a member of the CBS International Case Teams and have represented CBS internationally at several Case Competitions....

Profile image of Rasmus S.

Rasmus S.

Partner & co-founder

+45 24 29 39 39

I have had the pleasure of spending +8 years in consulting, primarily with QVARTZ and subsequently with Bain & Company. Prior to consulting, I did an 11-year stint in advertising with leading advertising agencies like Wibroe, Duckert & Partners/PeopleGroup, Grey, and DDB. I am truly passionate about...

Profile image of Roar


Senior Advisor

I have worked as a strategy consultant for ∼30 years, including almost 20 as Partner in QVARTZ and Bain&Company. My main focus has been on strategy development, organizational design, mergers & acquisitions, where I have advised on ∼250 transaction assignments....

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+45 31 72 62 10

I bring 2 years of consulting experience with Strategy& and an additional year in the FMCG industry. During this time, I collaborated with a diverse range of clients, engaged in a wide spectrum of projects, and created various business cases to facilitate better decision-making....

Profile image of Sebastian


Associate Partner

+45 42 46 48 00

I have +5 years of experience from consulting in the public and private sector, most recently ReD Associates, where I provided strategic guidance to clients on a range of initiatives related to innovation, growth, technology, and data-driven decision making. My passion for leveraging data and techno...

What we do

We create sustainable strategies and initiatives to solve problems that shape business and society for the better

StrategyPurposeSustainabilityCulturePeople managementGo-to-marketValue propositionBrandM&AStrategy executionChange facilitationoperating modelStrategyPurposeSustainabilityCulturePeople managementGo-to-marketValue propositionBrandM&AStrategy executionChange facilitationoperating model

What we are building

A human-first, purpose-driven strategy consulting and investment company

Traditional teams
Flexible teams
Standard​ frameworks
Customized​ approach
Siloed problem‑solving
Holistic problem‑solving
Fast delivery
Sustainable anchoring
Leading by title
Leading by initiative
Up or out
Stay and play
CSR compliance
Sustainability leadership
Owner shares for a few
Owner shares for all

How we do it

Problem-solving from both a business and human perspective – initiated by scoping excellence and delivered through a flexible, high-touch engagement model

BusinessperspectiveHumanperspectiveSustainablebusiness strategy

Who we do it for

We partner with progressive clients or clients with progressive projects

Progressive projectsProgressive clients

How we contribute to a more sustainable world

Over time, we will dedicate up to 20% of our annual revenue to social impact investments and low bono work for social impact start-ups or not-for-profit organizations


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